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The Complete Package:

>>DOWNLOAD complete Pack<<

(A collection of all my mods plus some extras)


Locastans HD Minimap Mod gen. 2:

>>Download Minimap mod<<


Two Rowed garage carousel with tier filter:

>>Download 2 rowed carousel<<

Colored battle messages & Statistics Mod:

>>Download Version 1<<

>>Download Version 2<<


Enhanced customizeable Radial Menu:

>>Download Radial Menu<<

>>Download Special Editon<<


Scope Shadow removal:

>>Download no scope shadow<<


Vanilla Timer Crosshairs:

>>Download Reload Timer Crosshairs<<


Damage Panel Mod:

>> Vanilla Version 1<<

>>Version 2: Centered Damage Modules and Crew<<

>> Version 2 with centered hp bar<<


Clock in Garage and Battle + Angles display:

>>Download Clock + Angles (English)<<

>>Download Clock + Angles (German/Deutsch)<< 


Train Waggon Visibility Mod:



Silent battle start timer:



Tools Section:

Generic Mod Enabler:

>>Download Mod Enabler<<


WoT Replays Manager 1.2:

>>Download Replays Manager<<